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ShopSeattle, was a local-design pop-up store, located at 1919 Third Avenue. Developed by Catherine Hubert as part of Storefronts Seattle, the shop filled a vacant retail space with men’s and women’s clothing, artwork, gifts and furniture made by Northwest artists and designers. It ran from October 20th through December 26th, 2013. It is now closed but you can still support artists by clicking on the links in the featured bios.

Catherine Hubert

Catherine enjoys working with patterns and new media. She's created video installations, apps, and paintings all that celebrate the intricacies of shapes that repeat. Her latest work features laser cut pieces in tyvek, paper, wood and fabric.

Brandon Perhacs

Brandon works out of his independent multi-disciplinary design studio headquartered in the forest of Bainbridge Island, Washington. His focus is on sustainable design, and he derives much of his inspiration from the organic forms and systems of nature. He views design more as physical poetry and less as market driven commodity, and strongly believes in honoring the inherent qualities of material and process.

Amy Weber

Amy earned her B.F.A. in Illustration from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle; and an M.F.A. in Illustration from Syracuse University in New York. She lives in the woods at the edge of the grid in what her friends describe as "the middle of nowhere" with two blue heelers, three cats and a writer in a land of real mountains, tall trees, serious coffee, rain, and the salty smell of the sea. She attempts to make enough money from her art to exist and create work that will have a positive effect on this home we call Earth.

Andrew Dyrdahl

Andrew is a very talented design director and fashion designer. He spends much of his spare time crafting courture garments, hand bound journals and steam punk inspired accessories. He loves to use unusual fabrics for his designs but also uses ordinary fabric in extraordinary ways. Sustainability in design is also important to Andrew and he often uses fabric repurposed from other sources.

Denise Weir

Denise creates multimedia prints by building 3D digital models and texturing them with digital and handmade textures. These are 'collaged' together with drawings, found objects and 2D art and typography to build the images. She graduated from Cornish College of Art and by profession is an animator and motion graphics artist.

Heather Scholl

Heather is an artist, illustrator, instructor and former Seattleite who currently resides in Los Angelos.  She paints on wood, paper, canvas, and found objects using mixed media and collage.

Kayoko Shibue

Tokyo native Kayoko Shibue is a Seattle based textile and graphic deisnger by day, and then alter-ego Pied Nu, at night. She creates cute modern and practical handmade items utilizing felt, yarn and various fabrics.

Kim Merritt

Kim fled Florida’s breathless humidity for the soggy mosses of Seattle. Her jewelry involves cold connections (hand-made rivets) soldering, sawing, hand stamping, stone setting. She employs mixed metals, generally sterling silver, copper and brass. Each piece is an individually made and will vary slightly from its kin.

Nick Avenetti

Nick started his company New Object Design to explore the use of fiber-reinforced concrete in furniture design. His work is an exercise of the human mind and of human hands and creates objects that connect back with the use. Objects that serve purposes; structural, functional, tactile, visual, and emotional purposes.


Tina Marsden

Tina loves arts and crafts, and she flits from one craft to another. Her latest passion involves  handmade books. She also divides her time with jewelry design, sewing & embroidery, knitting, crocheting, painting, and drawing.

Carley Brinn

Carley has been making jewelry as long as she can remember. What began as creative expression and experimentation to adorn herself and friends has evolved into a necessary hobby...or habit. Everywhere she goes it seems that bits and pieces find their way into her possession. Rarely does she know what she will create next, but she’s always inspired by her finds. She cherishes refined soft simplicity as well as diverse asymmetric bold. As years have passed and styles have changed, for her there has always been one constant, her love and need to share creatively through adornment.

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Our shop is now closed, but you can  click on the links in the Featured Artists and Designers area to shop directly from their shops.

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